Foundations of Web3 with Sotheby's Institute

Many believe that web3 is revolutionizing the internet, changing how we socialize and do business, and building a more vibrant creative economy. But is that really true? And where should we start if we want to understand and evaluate the possibilities of this rapidly growing web3 world?

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Brought to you by the leaders in art business education, Foundations of Web3 covers everything you need to know to become more knowledgeable about this emerging technology through a creative and cultural lens. It is designed to give you an introduction to this evolving space so that you can make your own decisions about the potential of web3 while learning the core topics and skills needed to prepare yourself for what very well may be a technology that changes the world.

Led by Sotheby's Institute faculty, Gareth Fletcher, in this course you will:

  • Look at the history of the internet and why web3 is the next evolution
  • Master common terminology, from NFTs to Decentralization
  • Learn about blockchain technology
  • Explore current and potential use cases for web3, from smart contracts to digital collectibles
  • See examples of what artists and brands are doing in the metaverse
  • Set up your crypto wallet, visit the metaverses, and learn how to buy a digital collectible

Who is it for?

This is a true beginner course designed for anyone - from students to experienced professionals - looking to take their first step into learning more about the world of web3.

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